Why start a U.S. Company as a Non-Resident?

The United States is often called the “land of opportunity”. With the strong economy, and a large body of talented workers and benefits, your business could thrive here in the US if you are ready to take the steps to start your business into the United States.

There are countless reasons why it is beneficial to start a company in the United States, but it boils down to three main things:

  • Access to 300+ million customers
  • Access to US business services (Stripe, Paypal, banking, loans, credit cards + more)
  • Trust and credibility to prospective customers

Access to 300+ million customers

Having a business based in the US gives you an ability to reach new customers and have an audience that you wouldn't have been able to reach before incorporating your business in the US. Having a US company allows you to easier access to sell to people in other countries as well.

With a business in the US, you also have access to the capital markets in the US for venture capital, angel investors and public markets.

Also, it may be easier to get a visa to work in the US (though acceptance isn’t guaranteed)

It also makes it more convenient to sell in the US market, from a customs and tax point of view. There are also lower tax rates for businesses in the US making your profit margin larger.

Access to United States business services

Access to business services offered in the U.S. are essential to any company looking to grow their business. All businesses, and especially online businesses, need access to services like Stripe, PayPal, and U.S. banking to send and receive payments from customers.

If you are a nonresident, typically without an American company, it’s virtually impossible for you to open a business bank account in the US. American banks normally refuse to open corporate accounts for foreign companies. This is due to bank compliance policies.

Without a US bank account, you may be unable to receive payments from Amazon, for example, under Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). So, company formation in the US is normally a must in this case as well.

Trust and credibility

Branching into the USA could help to enhance your business’s credibility, up its reputation, and even offer new opportunities for investment and growth. The United States has a reputation of having one of the best economies in the world with companies registered here holding a high level of trust globally.

Also, businesses established in the US can enhance the reputation of your company, both to US customers and many markets overseas.

As far as loans, you may eventually need to borrow money from an American bank. In this case, the bank would request your US business credit history. The bank policy also may require an American company to exist for at least a couple of years.

The Takeaway

Most of our clients start U.S. companies to access the U.S. market, reduce their personal liability, and access U.S. payment/banking infrastructure. There are also perks with tax advantages (the possibility of U.S.-sourced income being taxed less) and personal liability protection.

The US overall has consistently had a higher per capita GDP than other countries, showing that success is achievable and common.

Moral of the story: you can't go wrong with starting a business in the United States as starting a business here can open a whole new set of doors for your business.

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