How Do You File Taxes With an ITIN?

An ITIN is used in place of a Social Security Number for non-US residents for identification purposes on a tax return.

To file a tax return, you enter your ITIN number in place of the spot for SSN. Then complete the remainder of the form and submit it to the IRS.

Keep in mind, An ITIN does NOT:

  • Allow you to receive Social Security benefit claim the EITC
  • Allow a child to be claimed for the EITC or CTC tax credits.
  • Alter your immigration status
  • Mean that you are an undocumented worker
  • Give you the right to work in the U.S. Any individual who is eligible to be legally employed in the U.S. must have an SSN. A worker with an ITIN should not provide it to an employer in place of an SSN, since this would indicate to the employer and to the Social Security Administration that the worker is not authorized to work.

How to Apply for an ITIN

There are three main ways you can complete the ITIN application.

The first is through taxpayer assistance centers. There are certain staff that can help you prepare W-7 forms, determine eligibility & verify validity.

Second way is through acceptance agents. These are authorized through the IRS and can examine your documents prior to submitting.

Third is through preparation where you can apply directly to the IRS website yourself.

For more information on ITINs you read our blog titled Ultimate Guide to Getting an ITIN.

Additionally, if you are looking to apply directly for an ITIN, schedule a call with Jumpstart to learn more about Jumpstarts ITIN services.

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